Are You Struggling To Create A Lead Magnet To Build Your List? Are You Tired Of Lead Magnets That Don't Work To Build Your List?

If you answered YES!  to either of those questions I'm about to put 12 lead magnets in your hands that you DON'T have to create, and that WILL work to start building your list and making you money today!

From: Liz Tomey

Re: It's just not working!

Date: Wednesday, 8:21 pm


Dear Online Business Builder,

Did you ever play with magnets when you were a kid?

I sure did and I admit I was totally fascinated by them. Actually, I still am. I love refrigerator magnets. My mom had them on her fridge. I have them on my fridge. I bet you have some on your fridge too.

Line up your magnets in one direction, and they slide super-fast across the table and glom onto one another.

It’s like magic.

They have no choice!

Now introduce some metal to the magnet, and the metal will fly out of your hand in the blink of an eye to get to the magnet.


There’s that satisfying sound of metal kissing a magnet.

Flip your magnets in the other direction and what happens?

They chase each other away like an old man yelling at kids to get off his lawn.

Or introduce something like paper or ceramic tile, and nothing happens.

No attraction, no satisfying SWACK, nothing.

Big dud.


While the physics behind magnets is fascinating, playing with them as kids was fun, and they are still useful for hanging up pictures on our refrigerators, but did you know...

Those Silly Magnets On The Fridge Can Teach You A Lot About Making Money Online...

It didn’t take you long to figure out that a magnet can both attract and repel its target.

And you know what?

The exact same thing holds true in your business when it comes to attracting or repelling customers with lead magnets.

Let me explain…

Now you’ve probably heard of lead magnets (also called free offers, freebies, etc) as they apply to business. These are free products that you offer as “ethical bribes” or incentives to persuade people to join your list. You can also offer them as freemiums to existing subscribers.

Either way, good lead magnets generate sales and put money in your pocket…

IF you do it right, that is…

Do it right, and you get that satisfying SWACK! of prospects being attracted to your lead magnet. They join your list. They buy your products. Life is good.

Do it wrong, and your lead magnet is about as useful as trying to attach a regular magnet to a piece of wood. Big dud.

So let’s avoid that.

Over the next few minutes you’re going to find out the RIGHT way to create and use lead magnets to grow your business.

Let’s start here…

Here Are 13 Awesome Ways To Put Lead Magnets To Work For You Right Away...

You can use these strategies to get new leads onto your list, or you can send your existing leads to the web page of your choice.

Take a look…

Give them away on your website or blog to entice fresh leads to join your list or existing leads to self-segment themselves. You can put calls to action on your landing page, in the header or footer, in a popup window, a slider, your sidebar, or even embedded directly in the content!

Give them away on a page that has a sales letter below it. All you have to do is send a broadcast mailing to your existing leads. This automatically segments your list, and your lead magnet closes the sale on the paid offer. Win-win!

Add your lead magnet to a “list” post (such as a gear or resource list) and post the list directly on your blog. Any post you ever create should lead to you getting someone on your list and/or making a sale. Lead magnets are great for both of these things!

Embed links to your lead magnet directly in your blog content. Hint: be sure to include a strong call to action at the close of each blog post. You want to tell your reader exactly what you want them to do so that they'll grab your lead magnet which will lead to them signing up for your list or buying something from you!

Surprise customers by giving away lead magnets as unadvertised bonuses when someone buys from you. When a customer orders something from you be sure to always over deliver. You can use lead magnets to do this and you'll have customers coming back to you time and time again just for going the extra mile for them!

Load your lead magnets to an autoresponder – just one lead magnet per month will give you a year of automated income! Automation is one of the big keys to success with an online business, so you want to make sure you're automating as much as you can!

Create a resource page with the newest lead magnet at the top of the page. Post this resource page in products, on your blog, on download pages and more. By creating resource pages like this you can have all your resources on ONE page that you can edit and update whenever you want!

Include a link in your byline to your lead magnets every time you do any guest blogging for others. Guest blogging is a great way to get traffic, and you can pull that traffic from where you do guest blogging to your squeeze pages, and more by linking to your lead magnets!

Incorporate your lead magnets into your affiliate program! Let affiliates rebrand and give away your lead magnets. Both you and your affiliates will make money every time someone buys something through the links in your lead magnet!

Post your lead magnets on social media sites. This includes tweets, Facebook posts, videos and more, each with different calls to actions and different lead magnets, etc. You can even use an image of your lead magnet as your cover photo! I post every single lead magnet I ever use to ALL of my social media profiles and it always brings a ton of traffic and leads!

Use your lead magnets to co-promote! You can co-promote lead magnets with your joint venture partners. You can do email cross promotions, download-page swaps, social media endorsements, blog-ad swaps and more. Reach out to others in your niche, tell them about your lead magnets, and start setting up co-promotion deals!

Use your lead magnets in your paid advertising campaigns! Use paid advertising such as Facebook ads, content syndication on sites like Outbrain, solo email advertising, banner advertising on niche sites and more. People are always looking for more content to learn from, so using them in your advertising makes them feel like they are getting something rather than just being asked for their money!

Use your lead magnets in places you hang out online! Drop a link to your lead magnet whenever you participate in niche forums, blog discussions, Facebook groups and other communities.

And that’s just off the top of my head. The ways you give them away are really only limited to your imagination!

So you can see that there are plenty of ways to get your lead magnets in front of your audience.

Now here’s the next question…

So, Liz, How Do You Turn Giving Something Away For Free Into Money In Your Pocket?

In other words, how can you make money by giving something away for free?

The answer: By promoting a related product or service to everyone who takes advantage of your lead-magnet offer.

Example: If you’re giving away a checklist as a lead magnet, then on the backend you might sell a course that gives buyers the step-by-step instructions for completing each step of the checklist.

Pretty slick, right? (And it works really well too.)

Now what surprises a lot of people is that there are multiple ways to advertise your paid offer  using your lead magnets...

Here's 7 ways you can make money with your lead magnets...

  • Promote a paid offer in the beginning of your lead magnet, so it's the first thing the reader sees!
  • Add a call to action button at the end of your lead magnet, so it's the last thing they see too! Repetition is the key here!
  • Create a resource page in your lead magnet with multiple related offers, so you have the chance to make multiple sales!
  • Advertise an offer on your lead-magnet download page.
  • Put your offer on your lead magnet mailing list thank-you/confirmation page!
  • Send the offer in the introduction email to your newly subscribed prospects that you got from your lead magnet.
  • Promote the offer lead magnets in follow-up emails.

But don’t choose just one place to promote your paid offer. Put it multiple places, and you’ll get better conversion rates.


Now I’m going to share a little secret with you that most people totally overlook... are you missing this opportunity too?

Heads up…

If you want your lead magnet or freemium to work double time for you, then create something that your prospects will reference or use again and again.

I’m talking things like cheat sheets… checklists… gear lists… mind maps...idea lists.

Anything they’ll want to use repeatedly.

Think about it: the more your prospects use your product -> the more they’ll see your promotions -> the more likely it is they’ll click your links and buy whatever it is you’re selling.

It’s a proven sales trigger. Simply put, familiarity generates sales. When people see your promo enough times, they feel absolutely compelled to click on it!

Which is important because...

Lead Magnets Are The Powerhouse Of Promotion!
Do You Know The Reason Why?

Here’s the answer: because you can use a lead magnet to promote absolutely anything.

You can create multiple lead magnets to promote one offer. You can create one lead magnet to promote multiple offers.

It doesn’t matter what you’re promoting, your lead magnet will be the best sales tool in your toolbox. It will be the best sales person on your entire staff. You can use your lead magnets to promote:

Digital products.

Physical products.

Online services.

Offline services.

Free offers.



Coaching and counseling.

Affiliate offers.

Software and apps.

Drop shipping offers.

Charitable organizations.


Political campaigns.



And whatever else you want to promote!

Literally anything!

Your lead magnets are not only your best sales tool, they’re also super-versatile.

What’s more, it’s so easy to put them to work for you.

Use them the right way, and…

You’ll make money by giving away something for free!

Pretty cool, right?

And the best part is that it’s so easy to give them away…

So let me break this down as simply as possible…

If You Own A Business, Then You Have A Choice To Make Right Now...

Here’s the answer: because you can use a lead magnet to promote absolutely anything.

You can create multiple lead magnets to promote one offer. You can create one lead magnet to promote multiple offers.

It doesn’t matter what you’re promoting, your lead magnet will be the best sales tool in your toolbox. It will be the best sales person on your entire staff. You can use your lead magnets to promote:

1. The first option is to start using lead magnets to grow your business, build your list and make more money. (Hint: This is the better of the two options.) Honestly, the overwhelming majority of internet business owners have adopted the practice of using lead magnets, so it would be foolish to ignore it.

2. The second option is to leave gobs of money on the table. (And if you're thinking that sounds like a good idea, you should probably just leave this page now - and probably quit your business, too. :))  Clearly, we have a winner among these two options, right? Right?

Because you know what?

You already know that lead magnets are powerfully effective. They work for countless business owners around the world, and you know they’ll work for you too. So if you turn your back on this information right now, it’s like buying a winning lottery ticket… and then never cashing it in.

It’s a no brainer, right?

If you’re in business, then you WILL use lead magnets. And once you start using them and seeing how well they work, then you’ll be creating them like crazy to attract leads, build your list and generate sales.

But Here’s Where The Whole Strategy Starts Falling Apart…

Have you ever tried creating a high-quality lead magnet before?

Up until today, you only had two options:

1. The first option is to figure out how to create free content yourself…

This can take a LOT of time. And if you want to end up with a great result, it takes a lot of skill too. That’s because you not only need to create the content, you need to design and format it into an attractive package. I’ve seen people spend days, weeks and even months trying to create just one good lead magnet.

2. The second option is to outsource it…

This is awesome if you have really deep pockets. Even something as basic as a short report can cost hundreds of dollars. It’s a good investment, but let’s face it… a lot of us have to use that cash to pay the mortgage and buy groceries. Dumping thousands of dollars into outsourcing just isn’t in the budget.

Now here’s some very good news…

Starting right now, you have an absolutely AMAZING THIRD OPTION.

This is the option that gives you the tools you need to create high-quality, high-converting content in as little as 60 minutes. That is lightning fast. You could have your first lead magnet finished before you go to bed tonight.

And best of all, it’s super affordable—you’re not even gonna believe the price.

How is this possible?

Take a look…

Introducing: Done For Your Lead Magnets Volume I
The Quick And Easy Solution For Busy Marketers To Create Dozens Of Powerful, Sales-Generating Lead Magnets Right Now!

This is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before when it comes to creating lead magnets.

That’s because you’re about to get a set of 12 different pre-packaged and completely done-for-you lead magnets!

Not just the content.

Not just the designs.

You get the complete, professionally designed and totally editable lead magnet. You can use each of these 12 lead magnets as-is, or you can tweak them to create dozens of other lead magnets!

Look at what you can do with these done-for-you lead magnets...

  • Edit the content in any way you choose. - Add your links, affiliate links, images, etc.
  • Modify the designs, including the colors and layouts.
  • Insert your logo or other branding elements.
  • Change the name of the lead magnet so it fits your needs!
  • Convert to .pdf and start giving away. (You can also convert it to any format you want like audio, video, blog posts, etc.)
  • Use the design to create other lead magnets with your own content.
  • And just about anything else you want to do!

The possibilities are endless!

About the only thing you CAN’T do is pass on the editable files to others – other than that, you’re free to profit from them as you see fit!

Just think about it…

Done For You Content…

Done For You Design…

You Get 12 Completely Done For You Lead Magnets – That’s a Year’s Worth of Content!

Your customers and prospects are going to love these products – and so will you!

Here are the set of 12 editable lead magnets you get when you order now...

That’s over 100 pages of editable content total, all packaged up and beautifully designed!

What Makes These Editable Lead Magnets So Awesome?

The short answer to that is...

These Lead Magnets "Attract" Customers!

Hands down...

But, here are five more good reasons why you’re going to want to get your hands on this package today...

  • Attention-grabbing titles get people to take notice and take action – and the high quality content impresses the heck out of them!
  • The topics are appealing, the content is current – this is exactly the sort of stuff your prospects and customers are desperate to get their hands on!
  • Each lead magnet is the ideal length of 7-11 pages. That’s meaty enough to be useful, but not so much that it gathers virtual dust on their hard drive, or so comprehensive that they don’t need to buy your paid offers!
  • These lead magnets are the ideal way to promote your favorite backend offer of choice. Your offers, MLM programs, your affiliate links, etc!
  • Each product appeals to a big audience. You can give these lead magnets away to... Online marketers Bloggers Small business owners Entrepreneurs Authors Speakers Affiliates Product vendors And more! Anyone who serves the make-money-online industry will LOVE these lead magnets. And you’ll be proud to give these highly polished products away!

These are NOT the kinds of lead magnets that "repel" customers ... they "attract"!

I can just about see your gears turning.

You’re quickly realizing this will save you a LOT of money in outsourcing fees. You know this will save you a LOT of time. You know this would be a great way to start bringing in a LOT more cash-paying customers.

But you have just one question…

Okay, Liz, How Much For All Of These Killer Lead Magnets?

Each of these done for you lead magnets normally goes for $17 – If you were to buy all 12 individually that would be $204 and that’s a great price for this kind of content.

All you need to do is make just ONE sale greater than $20 on the backend of each lead magnet, and you’ll instantly recoup your investment in this package and pocket a profit!

But now I’m going to give you a MUCH better price than $204 for all 12 of these done for you lead magnets!

If you order right now, I’m going to slash the price in MORE than half and give you all 12 done for you lead magnets for just $97!

Think about it…

Even if you only use half of these lead magnets and make just one $30 sale on the backend for those you use, you’re still pocketing a big profit!

And frankly, I know you can make a lot more sales than one per lead...

Maybe you make 10… 50… 100 sales every time you use one of these lead magnets.

That means each of these lead magnets could be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars to you.

Now you can see why $97 for the entire set of 12 is such a great deal!

But... How about I make this deal even better and give you another discount in hopes that when I come out with the next set of these you'll buy those also. 🙂

So for a limited time, I'm going to give you one heck of a deal and allow you to get all 12 of these done for you lead magnets for $27!

That's a one time fee and you can use them an unlimited amount of times on an unlimited amount of projects!

And I'm Not Stopping By Just Giving You An Awesome Deal... I'm Also Going To Give You...

Now giving you all 12 editable lead magnets and all 12 of the editable graphics for such an insane price is quite a deal, but I want to go one step further and help you actually USE what I'm giving you here, so I'm including the following bonuses to ensure your success with the Done For Your Lead Magnets Volume I Package...

Here's what else I'm going to give you...

Bonus #1: Free Access To The Team Tomey Inner Circle Coaching Group

This is my coaching group and mastermind group for paid customers only. Everyone in here is a customer of mine. Some just getting started and some who have full blown successful businesses of their own. It’s such a great mix of people you’ll be able to network with and learn from!

We also have LIVE weekly webinars where I teach an online marketing lesson AND help you with anything you need in your business. This is LIVE coaching from me where you can get any help you need with ANYTHING in your business. No one offers this kind of live weekly coaching and this bonus alone is worth 10X what you're paying for the Done For Your Lead Magnets Volume I package!

Bonus #2: The Lead Magnet Quick Start Workshop

In this workshop I'll be showing you how to take any of the lead magnets here and edit them to add your own "voice" and content, how to add links to them that make you money, and how to edit the graphics to fit your needs. All the "techy" how to information will be included and by the time you're done you'll have a completely custom lead magnet ready to start getting you leads and sales!

Bonus #3: The Easy Squeeze Page Setup Workshop

There's lots of ways to give these lead magnets away and get leads and sales with them. In this workshop I'll be showing you how to give your lead magnets away via a squeeze page so you can build a list with them.

The biggest hurdle that many people face is not knowing how to create their own squeeze page so in this workshop I'll show you a quick and easy way to do it, so you can begin building a list immediately!

Bonus #4: The Content Marketing Quick Start Workshop

Content marketing is a great way to get traffic, but you have to know how to turn that traffic into leads and sales.

In this workshop I'll show you how to use these lead magnets in your content marketing efforts to turn all your traffic into leads and sales using my personal and proven money-getting tactics!

As you can see you're getting a rare and unique opportunity here...

I'm giving you the tools and content you need, showing you how to use them to get leads and sales, AND I'm going to be with you live weekly helping you on any part of your business you need help with.

You simply cannot ask for a better opportunity than this!

Here's Just A Quick Recap Of What You're Getting In The Done For Your Lead Magnets Volume I Package...

You get all twelve lead magnets in editable .doc files...

7 Proven Keys To Persuade Customers To Buy Your Backend Or Upsell Offer

7 Set It And Forget It Ways To Make More Money With Your Website

7 Ways To Get More Subscribers Fast

10 Kinds of Blog Posts You Can Create In 10 Minutes

10 Ways To Create Your Next Information Product Faster

17 Ways To Use Your Autoresponder To Get More Traffic And Sales

The 25-Point Flash Sale Checklist for Creating Cash on Demand

20 Ways To Repurpose Your Blog Post Content

40 Simple Hacks For Creating Content People Love To Read

The 10-Step Plan For Writing Blog Posts That Sell

101 Fill-In-The-Blank Email Subject Line Templates

The Ultimate List of Lead Magnet Ideas

You also get an ecover for each lead magnet for a total of 12 ecovers.

You'll get the flat image, the report image, and the editable PSD files too, so that you can change the name of the lead magnets, add your website, add your name, etc!

Again here's the image of everything you're getting...

When you lock-in at the "fast action" discount price, you're paying just $2.25 per lead magnet! Just one sale of virtually any offer that you promote will recoup your tiny investment!

And let's not forget all those juicy bonuses I'm giving you that makes this a complete package that you can use, learn with, and make a killing from!

Order Now To Lock-In This Massive Discount
Before It Expires...

As everyone who’s ever played with magnets know, a magnet can attract or it can repel. Grab the Done For Your Lead Magnets Volume I package of 12 editable lead magnets and the editable ecovers that go with them now to get your hands on highly attractive, sales-driving, list-building lead magnets!

You won’t find a cheaper or easier way to get your hands on high-quality lead magnets, so order all 12 now for just $27 and use these in just about any way that you want as many times as you want to make money and build your list!

Done For Your Lead Magnets Volume I

To your success!

Liz Tomey