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Today In PLR Issue #16

Welcome to Issue #16 of Today In PLR.

Yesterday I bought Charles Harper’s Content Factory Mastery PLR Package and I absolutely LOVE it!

You can see it at

I’ve gone through everything and I’ve decided how I’m going to use it to make-money. I’m actually going to use this in a couple of different ways…

1. Lead Magnet – I’m currently creating several “product empires”. This is where I have several products and I setup an email campaign to promote all the products when people sign up for one of my lead magnets. I need a TON of lead magnets right now for this, so I’m going to be using the videos to turn into my own lead magnet. πŸ™‚

2. Membership Content – I’m currently developing a new membership that gives a weekly lesson on how to do a certain marketing or traffic tactic. My plan is to charge a very low price for this… $9 a month. Within 1 year of launching it my goal is to have 1000 members. By the end of year 2 my goal is to have 2000 members. That will give me $18,000 in monthly-income.

Because I don’t have a whole lot of time, I’m getting ALL the content created for it, and then I will set it up as a “drip fed” membership. Once it’s all setup I never have to touch it again. πŸ™‚

I’m using the content from the upsell package as the content for one of the weeks content where I talk about using content marketing.

I’m actually using PLR content to create this entire membership site. πŸ™‚

3. Low Cost Product – I’m going to set the front end up as a low cost product and sell it. I’ll email my list, make some posts on social media, and I’m sure all kind of other stuff!

I could probably do a couple of other things too, but these THREE options alone are going to help me make-money. πŸ™‚

This is a great package that you can do a lot with. And for the next few days you can get it at a HUGE launch discount >>>

Remember… Each time you download a PLR package always pull it apart, look at everything, and see how you can use it. List all the ways you can use it, pick the first thing off of that list, DO IT, and then move on to the next thing.

Once you’ve used it all up, go get another PLR package!

The more “things” you have out there the more chances you have for people to jump on your list, and or buy from you!

Okay… That’s it for this issue. Hopefully what I’ve told you about here has sparked some ideas. I recommend you grab this PLR package and see what you can do with it!

Talk soon!


How To Profit In The Solar System Niche

I found a cool PLR package today on a topic I’ve never seen anyone cover and I want to share with you how you can profit-with it!

First here’s the PLR package I’m talking about >>>

So this is trageted at the homeschooling niche, but can be used in a lot of different ways.

With this package you get PLR to…

10 Quick Fact Sheets (one each for the nine planets, and the Sun)
4400 Word eBook (Key Events in Space Exploration)
1042 Word Report / Lead Magnet (Made for Space)
Professionally Designed Opt-in Page
10 High Quality Royalty Free Images
Keyword Research

And the content is killer!

So how could you profit-with this PLR package?

Well I did some keyword research with my super expensive keyword tool *lol* and found that there are A LOT of searches for keywords like…

solar system project (40,500)

And there’s a ton of other great keywords that go with it. So creating a niche site and monetizing it with affiliate links, ads, etc would be a perfect way to use this content.

Also my keyword research tool also tells me what peole are searching for on Amazon for this topic and there are so many searches with a search count up to 594,000 a MONTH!

So you could either use this content and create your own physical product to sell on Amazon OR you could create a niche site and monetize it with Amazon affiliate links.

Then I got to thinking… I wonder if there are digital products on this topic.

So I went over to ClickBank (this is where I do all of my niche digital product research) and there’s nothing there. Now typically I stay away from niches if there are no other products in it, but this niche I truly believe that if you could take this PLR package and work it together as a downloadable teaching aid and sell it on ClickBank that you could make a lot of-money!

So there you go… My brain is in profit mode today. πŸ™‚

This would be a great package to get your hands on and and work it into something that could make you-money.

The quality is stellar!

Grab it from

Okay that’s it for today! I’ll be back soon with more PLR and more ways to make-money with it!

Talk soon!


Talking Niche PLR At The Beach!

So today (just like I did yesterday) I woke up jumped in the shower, guzzled some coffee, and headed straight to the beach to get some work done.

I promised you yesterday I’d show you how I plan on making money with Tiffany Lamberts newΒ 12 month of diets PLR package…

If you haven’t seen the PLR package I’m talking about yet you can see it at

Note: Proof is in the video below that I’m actually working out here and not just playing. πŸ™‚

So as promised here’s the video showing you my complete plan to make money with this package. You can do the same exact thing or anything else you want…

Even if you don’t pick up this PLR package WATCH THIS VIDEO!

What I’m teaching you can be applied to anything you grab PLR to if you get the right components.

Watch the video below…

Grab this PLR package atΒ


This Is What You Use For Products That Make You Money!

Oh boy…

It’s one of those rare opportunity days where I find a PLR package that’s a proven seller!

Woot! Woot!

This means the creator of the package not only did all the work for you creating everything, but he also took it and tested it to make sure it would actually make-money!

Check this proven to sell PLR package out at

These are the kind of packages I live for because I already know that everything that comes with it is PROVEN to make-money.

These are the kind of packages you need to be jumping all over ESPECIALLY if you just want to use the content as is and have it as a product.

There’s many ways to use any PLR package, but something like this makes a PERFECT ready to go product that you can sell as your own!

The PLR pack consists of the following…

Lead magnet (20-page ebook)
Home Study Course (120 pages)
20 – 500 word blog posts
Email sequence
Sales page, Download page and Thankyou page
Professionally designed graphics

Everything you need to have a killer product you can take and sell as-is is in this package, and it’s PROVEN to sell!

Right now you can get it for 50% off, but the price doubles in just a few days, so make sure you grab this today!

Talk soon!


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