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How To Make Money With Reseller PLR!

We’ve talked about “rights” a lot here on the blog. I try to keep it all related to private label rights, so you don’t get confused, but there are many types of products you can buy with rights.

Resale rights

Master resale rights

White label rights

Private label rights

Reseller private label rights

There’s probably more, but I’m not trying to confuse you here AND there are so many other posts where I’ve explained these, so we aren’t going there today. 😉

What I want to specifically talk about today is reseller private label rights.

These are super duper hard to find, but they are also super duper profitable because this gives YOU the ability to buy PLR and sell the PLR to others. No content creation required! Just buy what’s already available and start selling it to PLR buyers.


So you could buy content with reseller private label rights, take the content and use it how you want (website content, create a product, use it for social media content, and about 1,000 other ways), but you can also take it and resell the private label rights to it.

So lets say you’re in the survival niche. You find reseller private label rights content for your niche and you take that content and do whatever you want to do for that niche. Create products, use the content for your blog, use it for your content marketing, etc.

Then you could also take that content and sell the PLR to people who buy PLR content.

Use that content in SO many ways with the additional benefit of being able to resell the PLR to other PLR buyers.

If you want to be able to sell PLR content to other PLR buyers and you’re not currently in the PLR niche, then my suggestion would be to setup a freebie to attract PLR buyers and get them on your list.

This could be a freebie for some free PLR content and/or a freebie that shows how to use PLR content.

Then anytime you come across PLR content that you can get reseller private label rights to, hit that list with an offer to buy it.


What I just said to you could be an entire business.

1. Build a list of people who are interested in PLR.

2. Find reseller private label rights content.

3. Email those people about the PLR you now have for sale.

That’s it… You’re time would be spend finding reseller private label rights content, and emailing your list.

The best source (absolutely hands down) to find reseller private label rights content is from my good friend (sometimes loved and hated for his “jokes”) Arun Chandran @

I also offer reseller private label rights with all of my workshops from,, and

As I find more resources for reseller private label rights I’ll add them here to this post, but as I said… They can be hard to find, but when you find them scoop them up because you can make some REALLY good money with them!

I’m really thinking about doing a full on workshop to show you all how to do this step-by-step. If you’re interested in that leave me a comment below. If there’s enough interest I’ll do the workshop AND I’ll offer you reseller private label rights to it also. Deal?

Okay so hopefully this post has got your interests up on reseller private label rights content. It’s such a big profitable world here in PLR Land, and I just wanted to give you another little way you could cash in on PLR.

If you have questions or comments just leave them below!

Talk soon!


[PLR] Affiliate Marketing Using PLR Content – Tactics!

Yesterday I told you about the latest PLR license you can pick up from me for my Social Affiliate Marketing Profits Blueprint Workshop. If you missed that you can pick up your license at

Today though I want to give you TWO ways you can use this as an affiliate marketer and make money!.

Affiliate marketers sometimes forget about how useful PLR can be in their business, so here’s a beginner friendly tactic and an advanced tactic.

Beginner Tactic:

Take the entire Social Affiliate Marketing Profits Blueprint Workshop and give it away to get people on your list. You can give it to them all at once or even better send it to them one day at a time for 5 days. It’s a 5 day workshop so this will work best. PLUS you’ll get them opening up each day for FIVE days. That’s a GREAT habit to get them into. 😉

You could create additional follow up email recommending products that you’re an affiliate for. Plus broadcast out to that list each time you come across something new you could tell them about. Cha-ching!

Boom! An amazing list builder for you, and you’re people are going to LOVE you because this content is AMAZING!

Advanced Tactic:

This is for you advanced affiliate marketers. 🙂 Most of the time we never think about having our own products when it comes to being an affiliate marketer, but if you take this, brand it to you, set it up as your own product, and give OTHER affiliates 100% commissions you could have OTHERS building a list of BUYERS for you!

At 100% commissions you wont make-money off of the product, but it will build you a list of BUYERS that you can market related products to that you’re an affiliate for.

Now I’ve given you TWO tactics here, and you can use them (or any of the other 1000 tactics you can use with PLR content) with the Social Affiliate Marketing Profits Workshop. Pick up the PLR to it at

You’ve only got 1 more day to pick up your license at the discounted price. Once that timer expires the price DOUBLES until all licenses are gone and then the offer expires forever.

Make sure you stop what you’re doing and grab this now >>>

Ecover Graphics For PLR Users

If you’re using PLR in your business to create your own products and/or for content for your blog or social marketing there is a cool shortcut I’d like to tell you about for creating graphics for all of that stuff.

This is going to come in super handy especially for those of you who take PLR and create products out of it.

What’s this cool shortcut?

Using ready to go ecover graphics!

Now most of the time I will just hire someone to create an ecover for me. There are a lot of people out there who can do it, and not ALL of them are expensive. You just have to put the time and effort in to find them.

If you don’t want to do that though using ready to go ecovers is going to be a life saver for you.

You can take these, edit them however you want, and use them for a multitude of things.

* Flat covers to go on the first page of your reports and ebooks.

* Use a tool like eCover Authority and turn them into 3D covers you can put on your sales pages.

* You can also resize ecovers you create and use them for blog images and/or social media images.

Below you will find links to ready to go ecover packages. You can buy several of them in a package and have a lot of options to look through when you need a flat ecover, or a 3D ecover, or a blog post image, or a social media image. I’ll add to this list as I find more ready to go ecover packages.

Note: If you want to turn an ecover into a 3D ecover you will need eCover Authority. You can get it from

Ready To Go Ecover Graphics Packages Resources:

Ecover Graphics Pro – Professional Book Cover Design Templates –

Ecover Graphics Pro Vol 2 –

eCover Graphics Pro V3 –

Pixel Cover – 100+ Incredible Kindle Book eCover Design –

Pixel Cover V.2 –

Ecoverio – All-in-One Toolkit for Book Author & Self Publisher –

How To Make Money In The Survival Niche Using PLR

One of the hottest niches I’m in is the survival niche. I mainly target “prepper stuff”, but this niche is full of BUYERS!

And guess what?

Most of the things I make money with in this niche I used PLR content to do it.

From creating digital products and digital bonuses to content and reviews. I use PLR for 90% of the stuff I do in this niche.

If you’re looking for a great niche to get into and profit with easy to use PLR THIS is the one!

My gal pal Tiffany Lambert did a video tutorial showing just some of the ways you can profit in this niche.

Check this out…

Tiff also just released a new PLR package for this niche too…

She has taken 10 topics in the survival niche and created an outline for each of them.

With these outlines, you’ll be able to create ebooks, bonus reports, opt-in or viral reports, email autoresponders, articles and product reviews. The possibilities are endless.

The 10 topics covered are:

1. Surviving a Weather Catastrophe – 2,121 words
2. Surviving an Economic Collapse – 1,659 words
3. Surviving Terrorism or War – 1,902 words
4. Surviving a Health Disaster – 1,269 words
5. Survivalist Food and Water Planning – 1,811 words
6. Survivalist Defense Tactics – 2,037 words
7. Wilderness Survival Tips – 1,968 words
8. Homestead Prepping Plans – 1,743 words
9. Off-the-Grid Living for Survivalists – 1,978 words
10. Survivalist Families and Females – 1,760 words

For many marketers, the initial brainstorming and research of what ideas to compile is the hardest part – and that’s what she’s done for them.

Your buyers can take this information and flesh it out into a full product themselves or hand it over to a ghostwriter to do for them.

The BIGGEST PERK is that no two buyers will end up with the exact same final products because they’re working from a PLR outline only.

These are awesome!

THIS is how you kick butt and jump in this niche with ready to go ideas >>>

Today In PLR Issue #16

Welcome to Issue #16 of Today In PLR.

Yesterday I bought Charles Harper’s Content Factory Mastery PLR Package and I absolutely LOVE it!

You can see it at

I’ve gone through everything and I’ve decided how I’m going to use it to make-money. I’m actually going to use this in a couple of different ways…

1. Lead Magnet – I’m currently creating several “product empires”. This is where I have several products and I setup an email campaign to promote all the products when people sign up for one of my lead magnets. I need a TON of lead magnets right now for this, so I’m going to be using the videos to turn into my own lead magnet. 🙂

2. Membership Content – I’m currently developing a new membership that gives a weekly lesson on how to do a certain marketing or traffic tactic. My plan is to charge a very low price for this… $9 a month. Within 1 year of launching it my goal is to have 1000 members. By the end of year 2 my goal is to have 2000 members. That will give me $18,000 in monthly-income.

Because I don’t have a whole lot of time, I’m getting ALL the content created for it, and then I will set it up as a “drip fed” membership. Once it’s all setup I never have to touch it again. 🙂

I’m using the content from the upsell package as the content for one of the weeks content where I talk about using content marketing.

I’m actually using PLR content to create this entire membership site. 🙂

3. Low Cost Product – I’m going to set the front end up as a low cost product and sell it. I’ll email my list, make some posts on social media, and I’m sure all kind of other stuff!

I could probably do a couple of other things too, but these THREE options alone are going to help me make-money. 🙂

This is a great package that you can do a lot with. And for the next few days you can get it at a HUGE launch discount >>>

Remember… Each time you download a PLR package always pull it apart, look at everything, and see how you can use it. List all the ways you can use it, pick the first thing off of that list, DO IT, and then move on to the next thing.

Once you’ve used it all up, go get another PLR package!

The more “things” you have out there the more chances you have for people to jump on your list, and or buy from you!

Okay… That’s it for this issue. Hopefully what I’ve told you about here has sparked some ideas. I recommend you grab this PLR package and see what you can do with it!

Talk soon!


[TIP] Today In PLR – Issue #15

Welcome to Issue #15 of Today In PLR!

Yesterday I came across a hot little PLR package and the reason I got so excited about it is because one of the components is a challenge.

(Here’s the PLR package I’m talking about

You’ve probably seen a lot of challenges. They’re used in all kinds of niches to get people to DO something.

Generally challenges are free, but there are some paid ones. I do A LOT of paid challenges in my business.

I love doing challenges with my people because you can get them to interact with you, and when you can get your audience to interact with you there’s an amazing bonding component that comes into play that makes them loyal to you which means they will BUY from you.

You could do a lot of things with the challenge that comes in this PLR package…

1. Set it up and give it away for free-to build your list. You can then make recommendations to this list on related products (your products or products you’re an affiliate for) and make-money.

2. Set it up as a paid challenge and make-money from it right from the get go.

Now this PLR package doesn’t just come with the challenge. You’ll also get…

1. 13,000+ words eBook “Time Management Hacks”
2. A High-Quality Giveaway Report “Time Management For Entrepreneurs”
3. An Autoresponder Follow Up Series of 5 email Swipes
4. 7 Time Management Articles
5. 10 Time Management Social Graphics Quotes
6. eCover Graphics, Banners and more…

So if you do set this challenge up there’s a ton of stuff in there you can use to promote it.

And of course you could just take the ebook and set it up as your own paid product too. 🙂

I LOVE this PLR package because there’s a ton of ways to use it and it can be “spun” for several different niches. I plan on using it to help my people who are building an online business, but as I said you can “spin” it for just about any niche.

And right now the package is super inexpensive because it just launched, so take a look and make sure you pick up this little gem today!

Talk soon!


How To Make Money With Coloring Book PLR

So we all know there’s tons of different PLR content that you can buy.

Products with PLR – Ebooks, videos, software, etc

Content with PLR – Articles, blog posts, social media images, etc

Something a little new to this space is coloring books with PLR.

Coloring books have become the latest and greatest again. People are buying, downloading, and coloring their little hearts away.

Some do it because they just like to color, some do it because it helps with their anxiety, and some do it so they can have fun with their kids.

Bottom line it’s a hot niche right now, and this is why you need to be buying coloring books with PLR.

You can take them, setup your own coloring book store, promote your store and make money from the coloring books you buy the PLR for.

Simple easy little side business. 🙂

So here’s how to get started…

1. Find coloring books with PLR

They are currently everywhere right now. I found these super cute ones the other day from Connie Stuart >>>

You can find LOTS of them with all kinds of different designs and themes. Connie has some other ones too. This is by far my favorite

Once you buy these coloring books you can then sell them as your own. You can edit them and sell them under your name. Get creative… Or don’t… 🙂

2. Setup a store

You have A LOT of options when it comes to this.

If you want to sell your coloring books as digital downloads I’d setup your store on your own domain name using something like Amember.

That’s not your only option though. Do some research and find what works best for you!

If you want to sell your coloring books as physical products you can use Amazon (there’s several ways to use it) or setup your own ecom store using something like Shopify.

If I were to start this business I would for sure go the route of starting an ecommerce store and selling my coloring books as physical products. Just my two cents…

3. Promote!

Once you’re all setup then all that’s left to do is promote your store.

I have a ton of videos on my YouTube Channel all about traffic, so we’re not going to cover that here. Head over to and you’ll learn all about promoting. 🙂

So that’s the battle plan to make money with coloring books that you get the PLR to.

1. Get coloring books with PLR
2. Build a store selling them
3. Promote your store

Of course just like any business it takes time to know what you want to use, get it all setup, and get traffic, but this is a great little business to start and a lot of people are making money doing this.

Here are a few extra tips to think about…

1. Buy several different coloring books with PLR and take them and make your own coloring books. You could do “themed” coloring books, beginner, intermediate, and advanced coloring books, coloring books for certain niches, holidays, etc.

2. Hire a graphic designer and have them make really cool covers for you to make your coloring books different and stand out.

3. Journals are another hot topic. Creating journals with coloring pages in them is another product you could offer from your coloring book store. Grab journals with PLR and coloring books with PLR and create hot little sellers!

Okay so hopefully this little tutorial helps you understand how to make money with coloring book PLR that you buy. There’s many ways to use these other than just selling them as your own products too. Depending on your niche they make great bonuses, lead magnets, and the like. Just open your mind and think how you can monetize coloring books with PLR!

Okay that’s it for today… I’d love to hear your thoughts on what I’ve covered here, your opinions, and if any of you guys actually use and/or create coloring books with PLR leave your comments below!


P.S. Here are some resources of more coloring books with PLR and ways to make money with them!

1. More coloring books with PLR –

How To Profit In The Solar System Niche

I found a cool PLR package today on a topic I’ve never seen anyone cover and I want to share with you how you can profit-with it!

First here’s the PLR package I’m talking about >>>

So this is trageted at the homeschooling niche, but can be used in a lot of different ways.

With this package you get PLR to…

10 Quick Fact Sheets (one each for the nine planets, and the Sun)
4400 Word eBook (Key Events in Space Exploration)
1042 Word Report / Lead Magnet (Made for Space)
Professionally Designed Opt-in Page
10 High Quality Royalty Free Images
Keyword Research

And the content is killer!

So how could you profit-with this PLR package?

Well I did some keyword research with my super expensive keyword tool *lol* and found that there are A LOT of searches for keywords like…

solar system project (40,500)

And there’s a ton of other great keywords that go with it. So creating a niche site and monetizing it with affiliate links, ads, etc would be a perfect way to use this content.

Also my keyword research tool also tells me what peole are searching for on Amazon for this topic and there are so many searches with a search count up to 594,000 a MONTH!

So you could either use this content and create your own physical product to sell on Amazon OR you could create a niche site and monetize it with Amazon affiliate links.

Then I got to thinking… I wonder if there are digital products on this topic.

So I went over to ClickBank (this is where I do all of my niche digital product research) and there’s nothing there. Now typically I stay away from niches if there are no other products in it, but this niche I truly believe that if you could take this PLR package and work it together as a downloadable teaching aid and sell it on ClickBank that you could make a lot of-money!

So there you go… My brain is in profit mode today. 🙂

This would be a great package to get your hands on and and work it into something that could make you-money.

The quality is stellar!

Grab it from

Okay that’s it for today! I’ll be back soon with more PLR and more ways to make-money with it!

Talk soon!


Talking Niche PLR At The Beach!

So today (just like I did yesterday) I woke up jumped in the shower, guzzled some coffee, and headed straight to the beach to get some work done.

I promised you yesterday I’d show you how I plan on making money with Tiffany Lamberts new 12 month of diets PLR package…

If you haven’t seen the PLR package I’m talking about yet you can see it at

Note: Proof is in the video below that I’m actually working out here and not just playing. 🙂

So as promised here’s the video showing you my complete plan to make money with this package. You can do the same exact thing or anything else you want…

Even if you don’t pick up this PLR package WATCH THIS VIDEO!

What I’m teaching you can be applied to anything you grab PLR to if you get the right components.

Watch the video below…

Grab this PLR package at


The Hate Mail Has Arrived!

Yesterday I told you about a client I was working with who was complaining about not making any sales after 4 months when he set up a PLR package he bought for $10.

In that email I told you why, and it seems a lot of people are confused about and/or didn’t like my answer.

(Note: Here’s a link to the whole story if you missed it >>> )

For those who didn’t like my answer. Well sometimes the truth hurts! If you want to make the big-money with PLR and not do a lot of work you’re going to have to invest more in quality and limited PLR products. No way around it…

Now for those of you who are confused about what I said…

I buy almost every PLR package I see, and you should too (if it fits your niche.), but there are different uses for different things you buy.

The lower cost full blown PLR packages I use for bonuses, membership content, freebie-offers, content for my websites/blogs, etc… Some of them are great quality and since I’m in so many different niches I use it all.

But if I just want to take a product and use it as is as a full blown product I usually have to spend a lot more money-because that kind of content costs more, but makes me more money directly.

So I’m NOT downing low cost PLR packages I’m just saying if you want to take the lazy route (nothing wrong with this route) then you’ve got to buy better quality PLR content that not everyone and their brother can get their hands on.

Making sense now?

When you buy a PLR package just make sure you use it in the right way or you wont get the results you need!

Okay, that’s all for now, and I hope this clears up any confusion. 🙂

Talk soon!


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