One of the hottest niches I’m in is the survival niche. I mainly target “prepper stuff”, but this niche is full of BUYERS!

And guess what?

Most of the things I make money with in this niche I used PLR content to do it.

From creating digital products and digital bonuses to content and reviews. I use PLR for 90% of the stuff I do in this niche.

If you’re looking for a great niche to get into and profit with easy to use PLR THIS is the one!

My gal pal Tiffany Lambert did a video tutorial showing just some of the ways you can profit in this niche.

Check this out…

Tiff also just released a new PLR package for this niche too…

She has taken 10 topics in the survival niche and created an outline for each of them.

With these outlines, you’ll be able to create ebooks, bonus reports, opt-in or viral reports, email autoresponders, articles and product reviews. The possibilities are endless.

The 10 topics covered are:

1. Surviving a Weather Catastrophe – 2,121 words
2. Surviving an Economic Collapse – 1,659 words
3. Surviving Terrorism or War – 1,902 words
4. Surviving a Health Disaster – 1,269 words
5. Survivalist Food and Water Planning – 1,811 words
6. Survivalist Defense Tactics – 2,037 words
7. Wilderness Survival Tips – 1,968 words
8. Homestead Prepping Plans – 1,743 words
9. Off-the-Grid Living for Survivalists – 1,978 words
10. Survivalist Families and Females – 1,760 words

For many marketers, the initial brainstorming and research of what ideas to compile is the hardest part – and that’s what she’s done for them.

Your buyers can take this information and flesh it out into a full product themselves or hand it over to a ghostwriter to do for them.

The BIGGEST PERK is that no two buyers will end up with the exact same final products because they’re working from a PLR outline only.

These are awesome!

THIS is how you kick butt and jump in this niche with ready to go ideas >>>