Liz Tomey here from and welcome to Issue #3 of Today In PLR. I told you all about the changes I was making in a previous email. This issue is packed with some killer stuff so take a few minutes read and learn and get the PLR you need.

Let’s do this…

PLR Package Of The Day:
Today’s PLR Package Of The Day is the 15 Product Reviews With PLR Package by Arun Chandran! >>>

Arun doesn’t launch often, but I’ll go ahead and tell you that every time he does have a new PLR launch he’s going to get PLR Package Of The Day because…

1. I’m trying to steal him from his girlfriend and this is my weak attempt at doing so. (I’m kidding…)

2. The real reason is because his stuff is absolutely killer! He’s great at creating content and these reviews are AWESOME! There are several that I’ll be using on my new “lifestyle blog” I have coming out and I can’t wait to get them up.

I gave you guys a killer tip on using these in the last issue (Issue 2) so if you missed that you’re going to want to go back and read it.

Get today’s PLR Package Of The Day at

IM/MMO PLR Packages:

We’ve gone through a “dry spell” on PLR packages for this niche, but today I found one, went through it and I LOVE it!

1. Start Selling on Udemy PLR Package >>>

This is a full blown product PLR package. Meaning the main thing in it is a product and it’s a product on a very hot topic. Selling On Udemy!

Not only do you get PLR to the entire video course (20 videos), but you also get a sales letter and download page, sales video to promote it, graphics for the whole thing and more.

This would be great to rebrand just a bit (Nothing major just change the graphics, tweak the sales letter, etc) or use as is for a product of your own!

You can grab this package at

And that’s the ONLY PLR package that’s worth a darn in this niche today. 🙁

I did find PLR to an ebook that could potentially be a good product, but it doesn’t show that it comes with anything BUT the ebook. So I skipped telling you about that one.

OM PLR Packages:

1. Instagram Marketing For Offline Businesses PLR >>>

A great service to provide for offline business is generating leads through Instagram and Instagram account management. It’s a super-profitable easy service to offer. Drew Laughlin creates all kinds of PLR for people with offline marketing businesses and it is second to none! This PLR package allows you to setup a system where you can educate offline businesses about how they can use Instagram in their marketing and then sell them YOUR services! Brilliant! 🙂

You can grab this package at

2. 2018 Offline Video Biz Booster PLR Package >>>

I LOVE this PLR package and can’t wait to use it in my offline consulting biz. It allows you to get PLR to videos for many different industries and then do whatever you want with the videos. You could make video ads, use for content for lead generation, and so much more. There’s 50 videos in this package. You could make a lot of-money providing video services to offline businesses.

You can grab this package at

3. Local Directory Setup Service For Offline Businesses PLR >>>

This is another package from Drew Laughlin. He’s been busy lately. *lol* This package is all about providing a directory submission and setup services to local businesses. It’s absolutely vital that an offline business be highly visible when people are searching for them. This is an easy to provide service that you can charge big-bucks for! This PLR package allows you to setup a system where you can educate offline businesses about this tactic and get them paying YOU for the service.

You can grab this package at

Niche PLR Packages:

I have a few PLR packages I haven’t been able to go through yet, so nothing new here today, but…

1. Down Home Cooking PLR Package –

This is such a great PLR package and I’m saving it for my recipe site I’ll be starting in just a few months. My recipe site will be targeted at those who live a paleo lifestyle, but since I got PLR to these I can tweak them to be paleo friendly. Hint! Hint! 🙂 I just dropped some knowledge there… If you want to create a recipe site target a specific niche, get PLR to recipes and tweak them for that niche. $$$

Anyway… If you want to pick up this package you just have a few more days to get it before the price goes up!

This is the last time I’ll be telling you about this package so pick it up today if you can use it!

PLR Resources:

Today’s resources are all about making-money in niches outside of IM/MMO (Internet marketing/Make money-online). There are so many possibilities! These resources talk about several ways you can make-money with niche PLR!

1. Talking Niche PLR At The Beach – This is a video I did showing off the amazing beach I live a few miles away from and work at often. You can be jealous! It’s ok… I kid. 🙂 The main part of the video though I’m showing you how I would use a PLR package in the weightloss niche, but it can be applied to any niche! Check the video out at

2. How To Dominate A Stupid Niche With PLR Content – Yes even in “stupid” niches you can make-money and you can do it the easy way when you use PLR. In this tutorial I’ll explain my money-making strategy and how you can use it too!

And one more…

3. How To Profit In The Solar System Niche – Again… What I teach in this tutorial can be applied to ANY niche, but I’m showing you what I would do even in a small niche like the one I use as an example. Check it out at

PLR Freebies:

This is a new section today, and I don’t have many freebie-yet, but if you haven’t gotten on my main PLR list and gotten the free-PLR to my 50 Ways To PLR Profits report you can do so at

As I find freebies I’ll put them here for you. If there are no freebies that day you wont see this section. 🙂

That’s A Wrap:

Wow! Lots of great changes to the format here. I’ve added a ton of stuff and I hope you’re enjoying these issues. I’m trying to pack A LOT in them, but not too much. Read each issue. I drop “knowledge bombs” all through these, so make sure you’re paying attention, taking notes, and writing down your ideas!

If you could please take a minute and leave your feedback in the comments below.

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