Welcome to Issue #17 of Today In PLR!

I’ve known of April Lemarr for quite a while now. She was actually one of my students in my Six Figure PLR Academy, but had been creating PLR content even before that.

For some reason I’ve just picked up on her site and it’s absolutely amazing! Especially for those of you who are in niches outside of Internet marketing, but she even has some PLR for that niche too!

Here is her site…


Now what I like about this the most is it’s “content in the raw“. Meaning it’s not like those “biz in a box” PLR packages. I love those too, but MOST of the time I just need HIGH QUALITY content so I can fill my blogs with content and or create lead magnets.

I’ve also been doing a lot of content upgrades (having a button in a post that says something like want to know more about topic XYZ? Then click here to get the XYZ PDF) and those are similar to lead magnets, but aren’t given away from a squeeze page.

HOT TIP: Content upgrades are a HUGE way I’ve been building my list in my niches, and April has so much that I can use!

Each of her “niche starter packs” are different, but usually come with…

1. Report (use as a lead magnet or lead magnet for a content upgrade)

2. The report broken down as articles (use for content)

3. Keywords list (helpful for SEO)

4. Royalty free images (Use in your lead magnets, as images on your content, and/or social media images.)

She also has bigger packages with even more content in them.

They are just nice simple PLR content packages, and I absolutely love them because they can be used in so many ways!

If you paid attention to everything I just told you then you were able to pick up some killer tips on using PLR. 😉

If you want high quality PLR content packages, I can’t recommend April enough!


Okay… That’s it for today. In the next issue I have another resource to share with you that you’re going to love. Think templates, checklists, and all of those fun goodies WITH PLR.

Talk soon!