Welcome to Issue #12! There’s a great conversation going on in the Facebook group about using PLR “as is“. Check it out because you’re going to see a lot of different opinions! There’s some strong opinions on this topic *lol*


Alright here’s what’s going on TODAY…

PLR Package Of The Day:

The Today In PLR Package Of The Day winner is Justin Popovic’s Dealing With Disappointment PLR Package http://instantincomeplr.com/DealingWithDisappointmentPLR

Justin won today because his content is AWESOME and this package has so many bonuses that I was totally impressed with AND this topic can be positioned for so many different niches.

It’s truly a really good PLR content package that is VERY versatile!

For the next 24 hours or so you can pick it up for only $10 bucks too.

So what’s in the package?

Short answer: A LOT

Long answer:

1. 10 part audio book
2. 10 corresponding articles
3. 2 reports (they used the articles to make these)
4. 20 social media posters
5. 3 other “tips sheets
6. 3 other “mini packs

This package will be great for any type of “self help/development” site. I would use everything in this package to get traffic to my site.

Huh, Liz?


Take the articles, put them on your blog, use the social posters to get social traffic to your blog.

Use the tips sheets as freebies to get people to your site.

You could also take ALL the audio files, and bundle them together as an “on the go” package for busy people who want to improve on this topic.

See you can use PLR to get traffic. ๐Ÿ™‚

As I said this is a REALLY good PLR content package with MANY ways to use it and for $10 you just can’t beat it.

Check it out at http://instantincomeplr.com/DealingWithDisappointmentPLR

PLR Resources:

1. The PLR Start Here Video – This is a video I did to help those of you who might have questions about PLR, and what to do to get started RIGHT NOW in using PLR to make-money. http://instantincomeplr.com/blog/start-here

Note: This resource will probably be in every issue. It will serve as a reminder and help new people who are new to Today In PLR know what to do to get started. Let me know what you think about me putting this in every issue.

2. Affiliate Blog Crash Course – http://instantincomeplr.com/blog/affiliate-marketing-cash-plr-articles

Want to learn to use PLR articles for content for your blog? Then watch this tutorial. I show how to create a blog for affiliate marketers and use it to make-money as an affiliate. All using PLR content!

PLR Freebies:

Nope… Not today ya’ll. ๐Ÿ™

That’s A Wrap:

Well that’s a wrap for today. There’s a lot of information in this issue, so I’ll leave you to get to it! ๐Ÿ™‚

Talk to you tomorrow!