Creating A Lead Magnet With PLR Articles

Alright… You think those PLR articles are worthless? Well here’s another tutorial that will help you put them to good use! In this video I’ll show you how to create a “lead magnet” that you can use to get people to subscriber to your list. You can create several lead magnets for yourself, for your clients, or create them and sell them! Watch the video as I show you how to create your own lead magnet in just over 30 minutes. Including getting a graphic made for it!

Hot Resource:
If you’re tired of crappy PLR articles then I highly recommend Article Wings. They have been around for years and provide the highest quality articles that I have ever gotten to the PLR to. You can check them out at

Click here to download the resource document I talked about in the video with includes links to what I talked about in the video.

If you have any comments, questions, or even suggestions on what I’ve taught here today please make sure and leave your comments below.


Affiliate Marketing Cash With PLR Articles


[PLR] Squeeze Page With PLR – Brand New!


  1. Awesome training to create Lead Magnet. Thanks Liz

  2. Ken Ford

    Article Wings site not available – 2 days now – FYI

  3. Always great training Liz

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