Liz Tomey here from and we have a great issue today! Issue #5! Sorry I missed Monday’s Issue. My tooth issue is back with a vengeance and I’ve been in some serious pain. Like no pain meds I’m gonna die kind of pain. Tomorrow is dentist day. I go in for a second opinion and hopefully get scheduled for surgery so I can kick this in the butt for good. This has been a long VERY painful process.

Anyway… Enough about me. Let’s get to what we all REALLY care about!


PLR Package Of The Day:
Me! I get’s Product Of The Day! I can do that right? 🙂

PLR Retirement Sale is a HUGE PLR package with 27 different PLR packages in it. Not only that, but you get PLR Reseller Rights to all 27 packages! There are so many way to make-money with this package! Early bird pricing ends after the first 100 packages are gone, so make sure you pick this up quick!

IM/MMO PLR Packages:

Today we have TWO PLR packages in this niche that I actually bought because I wanted to know about the topics on both. Now I will be using these in other ways too and they are REALLY good.

1. Quicken PLR Package –

Keeping books is something I struggle with and I know many other marketers do too. I picked this up so not only could I learn, but also have something I can give my people so they can learn. This is a full blown course with 20 over the shoulder videos showing you how to use Quicken.

Another thing you could do with this is setup a simple blog where you share stuff about using Quicken (do some research it’s easy) and then set this product up for sale and/or become an affiliate for Quicken and promote it! Lots of great ways to make money with this one!

2. Google Analytics PLR Package –

There are sooo many tracking “things” out there, but Google Analytics is free AND is the tried and true one. The next phase of my business is getting more from what I already have out there, and teaching my people how to do the same. This will be great as a low cost front end product and/or even a free tutorial series.

There are 20 videos for this one too that show you everything you need to know to get started with Google Analytics!

Both of these packages are under $15 each and that’s a heck of a deal!

OM PLR Packages:

Sorry offline marketers. 🙁 No new stuff that was worth a flip today!

Niche PLR Packages:

So I went a little Paleo crazy when I found this lady over the weekend. 🙂 Her name is Rachel Youngson and she creates amazing content. Now I have a new site coming called I needed LOADS of content for it so here’s what I found…

And here’s what I’m going to do with it…

Everything except the challenge I’ll be using as content for the new site. I’m going to have some of it rewritten and optimized for some easy to rank for keywords I found. I let me SEO team deal with this, but the easy to rank for keywords it isn’t hard at all.

Then I’m going to take the Paelo Challenge PLR pack and turn it into a PAID product.

Then the checklists and reports I’m going to turn into videos and use them as content and promotional tools. I’ll also be using the report to build my list in this niche. I found sooooo much great stuff to get started with.

When you enter a niche you need to gather as much PLR content as you possibly can, list out all the ways you’re going to use it, and then begin using it.

Check out here stuff! It’s AWESOME!

I’m not going to give any other niche sources today because I gave so many here. I know it’s on ONE niche, but I wanted to make a point here and show you guys when you want to enter a niche THIS is what you do.

And just because me and a ton of other people are in this niche doesn’t mean there’s not room for you! 🙂 You can reach people I wont/can’t and vice versa!

PLR Resources:

1. The PLR Start Here Video – This is a video I did to help those of you who might have questions about PLR, and what to do to get started RIGHT NOW in using PLR to make-money.

Note: This resource will probably be in every issue. It will serve as a reminder and help new people who are new to Today In PLR know what to do to get started. Let me know what you think about me putting this in every issue.

2. Creating Your Own Resale Rights Products Using PLR 

Now this is mainly for the Internet marketing/make money online niche, but taking PLR content, editing it up a bit, getting new graphics for it, and turning it into a master resale rights product you can sell is an uber profitable tactic when it comes to using PLR content. I’ve done it for YEARS and sell packages of master resale rights products all the time for nice paychecks!

In this video I’ll show you exactly what I’m talking about and exactly how you can do it too!

PLR Freebies:

There’s a lot of Rachel Youngson in this issue and that’s because she’s my new PLR crush. *lol* (Sorry Arun) Seriously… I’m LOVING her stuff. Here are two freebies for you from here.

That’s A Wrap:

Well this issue really shows my obsession with Paleo. I’ve picked this niche because it’s a lifestyle I really feel like I can follow and in the past it’s been a huge key to my weightloss. Really pay attention to what I’m telling you and teaching you here because there are so many great niches out there that you can walk in, use PLR content to build out your site, and monetize that site in so many ways.

And guess what… Get sick of the site? Sell the whole thing!

PLR is truly a beautiful thing, and I hope you’re using as much as you can in your online business(es)!

That’s it for today. I’ll have another issue (Issue #6) for you tomorrow!

Talk soon!