Liz Tomey here from and it’s hump day. I hate when people say that. *lol*

We’re at Issue #6 today and I’ve got some amazing and unique PLR packages to share with you today!

Let’s get crackin’! (Sorry I stole that from my Aussie friends!)

PLR Package Of The Day:
Tiffany Lambert gets’s PLR Package Of The Day Award!

She’s put out a killer PLR package with 17 different PLR packs in it all targeting the Work At Home (WAH) niche. You’ll get PLR to full blown products and simple reports to planners and checklists and everything in between! She’s an amazing content creator and you’ll be able to use this package in a ton of different ways!

IM/MMO PLR Packages:
1. PLR Retirement Sale –

This is my latest PLR package I’ve launched. Over the last few months I’ve been retiring many of my products to make way for bigger projects, and in dong so I’m giving you HUGE savings on many of my products and offering some pretty cool rights to them. This is the last retirement package I’ll be releasing and it’s a massive one.

You get PLR Reseller Rights to 27 different PLR packages all in the Internet marketing/make money online niche. If you’re one of the first 100 to buy you’ll also get a huge discount so make sure you grab this before the first 100 spots are gone!

2. FB Ads Domination PLR –

I’ve been buying PLR from Aurelius Tjin for YEARS now and I LOVE his products! This package is a bit different than most. It’s a PLR product package so you get a product that you can sell as your own (or of course use in a multitude of different ways) that comes with a sales page, download page, and everything you need. But the product in this one is actually 10 guides on everything you need to know to get started with Facebook ads!

TIP: What I love about his PLR packages is that he always has an upsell for the video version of the front end product. So it what I like to do is buy the front end and use as content, freebies, etc. Then I buy the upsell and use the front end to market it. I do that with A LOT of PLR packages, but especiall his!

Anyway you can check out the FB Ads Domination PLR Package at

OM PLR Packages:
1. Local Landing Pages PLR Package –

Local businesses need to some kind of landing page so their customers can see what they offer them. This is great “foot in the door” service you can offer them at a low price and then upsell them to something else for a monthly price. Like more creating content for them. You could charge a premium fee for doing that. There’s lots of other services you can sell them though when you “get your foot in the door“.

The Local Landing Pages PLR package gives you ready to use landing pages for some of the biggest local business industries out there. You can simply use these and charge businesses to set them up for them!

Check out this PLR package at

Niche PLR Packages:

1. Power Of Focus PLR Package –

This has been a big topic for me lately because I’m trying to help my coaching clients focus on building their businesses, so they can achieve their dreams. If you’re in a niche where people need help focusing so they can be successful (this can be used in MANY different niches) then you need this PLR package!

Check it out at

PLR Resources:

1. The PLR Start Here Video – This is a video I did to help those of you who might have questions about PLR, and what to do to get started RIGHT NOW in using PLR to make-money.

Note: This resource will probably be in every issue. It will serve as a reminder and help new people who are new to Today In PLR know what to do to get started. Let me know what you think about me putting this in every issue.

2. How To Find PLR Products – I get asked all the time on how to find PLR for a certain niche. So I’ve done a video tutorial showing you how to do it. 🙂

3. Evaluating The Quality Of A PLR Product – Now once you have bought a PLR product how can you tell if it’s good or not? Well that usually comes down to a matter of opinion, but in this little tutorial I’ll show you what I do to judge quality!

PLR Freebies:

My new PLR crush I told you about yesterday has another great freebie for the Whole Foods niche. This isn’t a small little package either. I was quite impresses. Articles, reports, optin page, AND graphics to promote with! And yep! It’s totally free. 🙂 You can grab it at

That’s A Wrap:

I hope you guys are enjoying these Today In PLR issues as much as I am in creating them. They take A LOT of work, but they really help keep my “creative juices flowing” and I hope they’re doing the same for you!

Tomorrow I’ve got a cool little thing I want to show you regarding recipes with PLR.

Talk soon!