Liz Tomey here from and welcome to Issue #8 of Today In PLR. I should have called this Today’ish in PLR because I’m getting them out daily’ish. *lol*

Sorry guys… These take A LOT of work and time, but I do hope you’re enjoying them. If so make sure you come by my Facebook page and tell me!

So this “week in review” issue is going to be different. I didn’t like the way everything just go thrown together last week. What did you think?

I think is what I will do in for our “week in review” issue each Friday is to just give you guys the links to the issues for that week?

What are your thoughts on that?

I’ve made a post in the PLR Mastermind Group on Facebook so you can give me your feedback. You can see it at

Okay so here’s your “week in review“…

Issue #5 – In this issue there was some great IM/MMO PLR packages and I really dove into what I do when going into a niche and how I use PLR in it!

Issue #6 – This issue was packed with some great PLR packages. We’re finally starting to see more and more PLR packages in the IM/MMO niche that are actually good and not the normally crap packages!

Issue #7 – I snuck this issue in on you guys. None of you have seen it because I was late with it! There’s some killer niche marketing “talk” going on in this issue so make sure you read it!

Okay that’s a wrap for this week!

Talk to you all on Monday!