Welcome to Issue #9. As I said in my last email we are changing up the format. Ever thing will be included in this email, but I will also still be posting to the blog and you can always see back issues at http://instantincomeplr.com/blog/category/today-in-plr

So let’s jump in…

PLR Package Of The Day:

Today PLR Package Of The Day winner is Fulfillment By Amazon PLR Package >>> http://instantincomeplr.com/FBAPLR

This is a massive package and you’ll get PLR to all of this:

1. The ebook, checklist, resource cheat sheet, and mindmap that’s all about making-money by starting an Amazon business. (FBA = Fulfillment By Amazon)

2. Ready to go sales system for all the above.

3. Promotional video to use in the sales letter or other promotional ways.

4. Professional graphics for all the above and the source files so you can edit them.

5. Promotional emails to load into your autoresponder to get people to buy this product from you.

6. Banners to advertise the product

7. Articles to promote the product

8. Social media posters to promote content that leads people to buy the product from you.

9. 10 styles of ecovers to use in rebranding this package

Now of course you could take this thing and sell it as is because it’s what I call a “PLR product package“, but there are many other things you could do with it.

(I personally plan to take it, rebrand it, and turn it into a master resale rights product.)

This would make a great upsell from a freebie you offer, (send people to a squeeze page and after they opt-in have them land on the sales page for this).

This would also be perfect to add to a membership site that you have that’s about making-money online.

There’s so much you could do with it and the quality is AWESOME!

You can grab the entire package for less than $10 right now!


I’m such a junkie for PLR in this niche. I buy it ALL, put it in a folder called Make-Money Online PLR and I am constantly using stuff out of that folder! I’m a PLR hoarder 🙂

Seriously… I highly recommend this package!


PLR Resources:

1. The PLR Start Here Video – This is a video I did to help those of you who might have questions about PLR, and what to do to get started RIGHT NOW in using PLR to make-money. http://instantincomeplr.com/blog/start-here

Note: This resource will probably be in every issue. It will serve as a reminder and help new people who are new to Today In PLR know what to do to get started. Let me know what you think about me putting this in every issue.

2. Using PLR To Build A List – https://youtu.be/Xbf2Vpd4OPE

No matter what niche you’re in the FIRST thing you should do when you go into a niche is to start building a list. PLR is GREAT for this. In this video I’ll show you how to use PLR to start building your list! Enjoy!

PLR Freebies:

There’s no freebies today. 🙁

That’s A Wrap:

That’s a wrap for today! A great PLR package, tons of tips on using it, and great resources to help you keep using all that PLR content that you have. Who could ask for more, right?

If you haven’t joined the Facebook group where we do all of our “secret” PLR talking and planning make sure you come join us at https://www.facebook.com/groups/MyPLRMastermind

Talk to you tomorrow!