Welcome to Issue #10! It’s a gorgeous day here in Venice, FL. 84 degrees and the beach is calling my name!

I have a secret spot that has a picnic table that’s completely shaded by palm trees and it over looks the Gulf of Mexico. I’m going to go hang out there for a few hours and do a couple of “work blocks“. Life’s hard for an online business owner, right?

Well some days it’s NOT! 🙂

Let’s get started!

PLR Package Of The Day:

The Today In PLR Package Of The Day winner is Jimmy D Brown’s Blog Ease PLR Package >>> http://instantincomeplr.com/BlogEasePLR

You may have heard me talk about Jimmy D Brown before. I actually got my start in this business studying under him. He is the first person to create and sell PLR ever. Me probably being the second and this is who I learned from.

He’s also the ONLY person who I will say has better PLR packages than me. Seriously!

By like .005% *lol* I kid…

I have made more-money in my business with his PLR products than ANY other PLR package hands down!

His packages aren’t cheap, but they are amazing. The content you can literally just use as it because it’s SOOOO good.

I also scored a 50% off coupon for you. When you checkout just use the coupon code: BlogEase50

So what’s this PLR package all about?

Well obviously from the name it’s about blogging, and we all know that’s an insanely hot niche!

I picked up this package because there are a ton of things I want to use as lead magnets to build a list of people who want to learn to make-money blogging so I can promote my Six Figure Blog Academy coaching program to them when I launch it. It’s going to be a high ticket coaching program so I gotta get started marketing it now.

You could also sell this as one BIG product. There’s so much in it that I don’t even have room to list it all here. Just look at this >>> http://instantincomeplr.com/BlogEasePLR

And remember when you buy it, use this coupon code: BlogEase50

I cannot recommend Jimmy’s PLR enough. I actually hate to tell people about it because it’s such a big income source for me, BUT you guys even get my secrets. 🙂

PLR Resources:

1. The PLR Start Here Video – This is a video I did to help those of you who might have questions about PLR, and what to do to get started RIGHT NOW in using PLR to make-money. http://instantincomeplr.com/blog/start-here

Note: This resource will probably be in every issue. It will serve as a reminder and help new people who are new to Today In PLR know what to do to get started. Let me know what you think about me putting this in every issue.

2. Getting YouTube Traffic Using PLR Content – https://youtu.be/Ohk6ATWwOGQ

There are so many ways to use PLR content to get traffic and in this video I want to show you one of those ways. I’ll be doing more tutorials like this because no one is covering how to get traffic by using PLR content. 🙂

PLR Freebies:

Another day with no free-PLR packages. These people are getting stingy. *lol*

That’s A Wrap:

Well that’s a wrap for today. I’m in love with the PLR package I told you about. I’m going to play with it while at the beach today, use a few things out of it for-free offers and then see what I can also use out of it for my big high ticket coaching program I have coming out. 🙂

Have a great day and if you’re currently working on a project where you’re using PLR in your business please come over to the Facebook group and post about it. Just start a new post (don’t post about it on someone else’s post) let us know what you’re doing and it will be a great way for you to get feedback and be accountable to FINISH that project!

Talk to you tomorrow!