I just got off the phone with a client who was incredibly frustrated with the sales he WASN’T getting from a product he was promoting.

He bought PLR to this $10 PLR package that was total crap, set it up as is, and started putting traffic to it.


Sound familiar?

It’s because he’s buying the wrong kind of PLR…

Yes I buy cheap PLR packages all the time, and I use them in many ways, BUT…

When I want a product I can just take and put online and start making money from it I know I’m going to have to spend some-money.

Dropping $10 isn’t going to cut it!

If you want to make big money-with PLR products you’ve got to spend a little more than you would on a PLR package that’s being sold for $10 to 1000’s of people.

For instance I created the Blog Traffic Masterclass at http://www.LimitedPLR.com/blog-profits-masterclass-2

It’s a killer product that I myself created AND tested to ensure it would sell. I also am only allowing 250 people to get the PLR to it.

It’s more expensive than most crap PLR packages, but that’s because you can use this thing as is and start making-money.

Do you REALLY think you can invest $10 in a product that’s being sold to 1000’s of people and make the big-money?

Absolutely not!

Step up your game!

Buy PLR products that can stand on their own and are limited to only a certain amount of people. That’s the kind of PLR that you’re going to cash-in with.

And right now I have the perfect PLR package for you to start off with >>> http://www.LimitedPLR.com/blog-profits-masterclass-2

Okay that’s it for today… I hope you take what I’ve told you here and remember it because it’s the key to success if you’re looking for the easy way to make-money with PLR products!

Talk soon!